ATA 2012 Days Two and Three

Days Two and Three of the American Telemedicine Association’s 2012 Annual International Meeting and Exposition continued with educational meetings, exhibitor presentations, the conference’s keynote plenary, and a concluding networking event.  Some of the highlights from the past two days included:

-Educational Sessions including:  Reimbursement 101:  Learn How to Get Paid and Ceate Revenue for Your Telehealth Initiative; Mobile Health Innovations in Disease Management; FDA’s Role in Telemedicine; Innovative Telemedicine and Medical Information Exchange in Military Settings; Mobile Apps for Mental Health; Successes and Challenges Implementing Telemedicine in Private Practice; Policy Priorities; and Incorporating Telemedicine into Baccalaureate, Graduate and Medical School Education.

– A Keynote Speech by Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple, Technology guru) on The Future of Personal Healthcare Technology.  Soundbite:  “I love the fact that telemedicine fits into this category of people trying to do good things for those that don’t have access. I love that.”

-One-on-one interviews and demonstrations with some of the most interesting technology representatives (videos to come).

-And a larger than life ATA Networking Event at the San Jose Tech Museum where guests were able to mix, mingle and discuss the conference while testing out the museum’s hands on technology and science exhibits.

The general theme of the ATA2012 conference has been this:  The next year is going be a transformational one for the healthcare industry and the adoption of Telemedicine.  We certainly agree, and are looking forward to assisting organizations in the Great Plains region as they navigate both.   
Interested in more information on organizations that have successfully adopted Telemedine programs?  Read these Telehealth Success Stories.

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