From Startup to Sustainability

When an organization considers implementing telehealth services, finance is often the first area of concern. Staff and equipment costs for these expanded functions may be considered overhead—part of the expense of providing care. Telehealth services can also help you generate income.

As you identify and develop your strategic plan for telehealth, look for ways to balance costs among different sources. Grants are often available for initial startup, and sometimes for program expansion; they are generally not reliable for long-term support. Think of grants as additional support.

Most telehealth services provided today are paid for through traditional fee-for-service reimbursement or through contracted services. While this certainly is not the complete story, and there are some services that are not covered under current regulations, the picture is changing rapidly. Because of the benefits made possible by telehealth, the changes being considered at both state and national levels are likely to be positive for both patients and providers.

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Related Information

Here are several links to various programs (federal, state and private) that detail their telehealth/telemedicine services coverage.

Note: These links may have been updated. For the latest coverage and reimbursement information, please contact providers directly.