Plan Ahead

A telehealth program involves much more than technology. To save time, effort and money, plan ahead to make sure your organization is ready. Begin with these elements:

  • Understand who is championing the effort. This will help establish the initial focus of your program. For example: If the person promoting telehealth services is your ER physician, one of the first areas for the program will probably be stroke care.
  • Determine why your organization wants to provide telehealth services—whether doing so supports the organizational mission, provides a competitive advantage, has been requested by patients and providers, and so on.
  • Conduct a wider assessment of your organization to identify what additional services are needed—and whether and how program costs will be shared. This exercise will help determine what equipment you will need to buy.
  • Decide if your organization will receive services, provide services, or both. Doing this will help you identify where your potential partners are, and the kinds of conversations you will need to have with them.
  • Learn more about how to move forward. Take a look at the links on the left for more in-depth discussions… and call on us.

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