Regional Telehealth Legislative Update

So far, 2015 has proven to be a busy year for telehealth-related discussions in state legislatures around our region.  Several bills relating to various aspects of the utilization of telehealth methodologies have been introduced and are moving their way through the legislative process.  Here is a brief summary of current activity:

Interstate Medical License Compact – This compact would allow an expedited process for physicians interested in obtaining licenses in multiple states.  So far, this has been introduced in:

  • South Dakota (SB63 – passed both houses and awaiting Governor’s signature)
  • Minnesota (HF321/SF253 – have been referred to their respective committees)
  • Iowa (various bills – HSB20, SF273, SSB1019)
  • Nebraska (LB258)
Telehealth Parity – The idea of reimbursing equally for services whether they were delivered in-person or by telehealth technologies is also being discussed.  So far, two states have introduced a version of telehealth parity.
  • Minnesota (SF981, SF1150, & HF1246 – in various stages)
  • North Dakota (HB1038 – introduces the concept of parity initially under the public employees medical benefits coverage)
Supporting Mental Health Services – Bills are also being considered which would allow for telehealth to be used more extensively in the care of those needing mental health services.  These include:
  • Minnesota (HF850, SF825 – referred to their respective committees)
Click here to access the full list of telehealth bills being discussed across our region.


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