gpTRAC Toolkit

Proven Practices and Models

As you create or expand your telehealth program, you may want to consider what others have done, and what the experts recommend for your stage in development. The gpTRAC Toolkit provides examples and illustrations that can help you find the right path—and avoid costly and time-consuming errors.


In a collaborative effort, Telligen and gpTRAC partnered in the development of a helpful and informational telehealth resource.  It was specifically developed for use in Iowa, but has a great deal of information that is applicable across all states.  You can find this resource here:  Telehealth Start-Up and Resource Guide


Tools, guidelines, templates, forms and other guidance that we hope is helpful to you as you begin to develop your telemedicine activities.


Reimbursement information from CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) and some other coverage providers can be found on our Costs and Financial Support page.


Information, samples/templates, guidelines, presentation materials, training materials and other helpful information as you consider your distance education opportunities.

Operational and Administration

Tools to help you track your activities, develop job responsibilities, write organizational policies, plan program evaluations, and review other sample forms and documents.


Sample policies and trouble-shooting information.