Teledermatology at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair

At this year’s Minnesota State Fair gpTRAC partnered with University of Minnesota physicians to provide fairgoers with free teledermatology screenings.  In total gpTRAC connected 182 patients to dermatologists using a videoconferencing system and a hand held exam camera.  Thousands more were able to watch the sessions in action.  Many of the fairgoers said they hadn’t made it a priority to get screened until they came upon our booth, and many passerbys said it was their first experience seeing telemedicine in action.  To date, gpTRAC has showcased teledermatology, pulmonology, and stroke screenings.  Again this year, the gpTRAC booth was a great sucess, making it our seventh year hosting a telehealth awareness booth at the Minnesota State Fair! 

Having telemedicine demonstrations at the State Fair is a great opportunity to introduce Minnesotans to the possibilities telehealth services can bring to them and their communities.    Special Thank You to the following dermatologists who generously donated their time to provide free teledermatology screenings to fairgoers:

Dr. Spencer Holmes
Dr. Bethany Cook (resident)
Dr. Bart Endrizzi
Dr. Jennifer Lee
Dr. Kimberly Bohjanen
Dr. Neal Foman
Dr. Sanober Amin (resident)
Dr. Maria Hordinsky
Dr. Irving Katz

If you didn’t join us this year, make sure to stop by in 2013. See you at the Fair!

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