Stay up-to-date on Telehealth Best Practices: Watch Webinars here

A great big thank you to presenters Lacey Hart and John Goodman, as well as everyone else who participated in last Thursday’s webinar:  Southeast Minnesota Beacon–Community Collaboration for Healthcare Transformation! The National Telehealth Resource Center Webinar Series is the perfect way to stay up-to-date on telehealth best practices and solutions.

Did you know that you can access past webinars from gpTRAC and the National TRC Webinar Series on the gpTRAC website?

Just go to > News and Events > Webinars

Past topics have included:

“A Soothing Salve for Wound Healing:  Telemedicine”
“Is Your Organization Ready for Telehealth?”
“Healthcare Reform and Telehealth”
“Telehealth is the Answer!”
“How Telepharmacy Can Help Bend the Healthcare Cost Curve”

Click here to be redirected to the gpTRAC webinar page.

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