Telehealth News Flash

The telehealth news articles we have been talking about around our office this week:

New York Times Well:  My Stroke of Luck
How one man learned about telestroke technology through a stroke of his own.  His response to reimbursement resistance:  “Well, there was no living, breathing stroke specialist at my bedside to bill in those first vital hours. Give me a virtual doctor any day.”

Washington Post:  Telemedicine makes new advances, all the way to Antarctica
Videoconferencing enables a partnership between the University of Texas Medical Branch and National Science Foundation workers living at a scientific research station in Antarctica.

Healthcare IT News:  Why not MU for telemedicine?
Noteworthy reflection on Ryan Spaulding’s presentation at this year’s American Telemedicine Association meeting.  The topic:  Meaningful use of telemedicine and how Telehealth Resource Centers can help create a national strategic plan.