Carl Taylor on Connecting with a Purpose

At this year’s gpTRAC Regional Telehealth Forum, we are pleased to present Carl Taylor, Executive Director at the Fraser Institute for Health Research, as a keynote speaker.  Here is a taste of what we will hear from Carl’s talk on using telehealth technology to connect with purpose:  

We are at a moment in time in which the tools at hand be they known by the names of telehealth, m-health, e-health or communication driven healthcare are mature, affordable, and deployable on broad scale.  But the tools or rather the capabilities they create must be evaluated in regards to the uncertain landscape of healthcare, what I call contextual reality.  As we meet together there is more about the future of healthcare here in the US that is unknown than known. But there are common elements of strategies that will bridge this uncertainty.  Among them are that quality is truly going to be job #1.  The second is the role of the primary care provider will deepen.  The third is hospitals either on their own or with physicians will seek continuous care relations with their patients including developing retail strategies.  Hence from a telehealth perspective we must ask- what is our purpose and our place in these strategies.  Where do we fit and how will we need to articulate our role and our outcomes in order to become an integral part of healthcares’ future.  This talk will suggest answers to those questions and allow the listener to develop a market ready strategy to meet future challenges.

Carl Taylor is an innovative leader in the telehealth community and we couldn’t be happier to have him as a keynote presenter!  Have you made plans to attend the Telehealth Forum yet?  You can still register at the early bird rate if you hurry!  Deadline is April 1.
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