Call for Presentations: gpTRAC Regional Telehealth Forum 2014

Telehealth & HIT:  Partners in Patient Care
gpTRAC Regional Telehealth Forum
April 3-4, 2014

The Great Plains Telehealth Resource & Assistance Center (gpTRAC) has opened the Call for Presentations for this year’s Telehealth Forum.

We are looking for presentations that support this year’s theme and can:
1) expand the understanding that telehealth is indeed a technology that creates and uses various kinds of health information in the care of a patient;
2) share how an organization intertwined their  telehealth services with their HIT services;
3) encourage others to look to their own organizations and say “We should do that too!”.

Anyone with expertise is invited to submit an abstract.  Click here for more guidance and directions surrounding your submission and to access the abstract form.

Forum Registration: Watch for the official registration information…coming soon!!
Hotel Registration: Click here to make your room reservations at the Embassy Suites, Minneapolis, Airport/Mall of America. There is a limited number of rooms reserved for this event.

If you have any questions, please email or call 888-239-7092.
We are looking forward to a great event!


November Telehealth Webinar, Nov. 21, 2013

November 2013 Webinar
The National Network of Telehealth Resource Centers

Practice Guidelines for Telemedicine 

Please join us Thursday, November 21, as Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD, discusses how important telemedicine practice guidelines are to ensure quality of care and safety for patients and the critical role they play in the adoption of telemedicine by all industry stakeholders, including providers, payers, administrators, government agencies and others.

There is NO need to pre-register!
here to learn more and access the webinar.
– The gpTRAC team

September Telehealth Webinar, September 19, 2013

The National Network of Telehealth Resource Centers


Use of In-Home Monitoring Technology in Complex Care Coordination

Please join us Thursday, September 19th, for this exciting webinar topic.  The presenter will explain how the rural Hawaii Island Beacon Community engaged complex patients to self manage their chronic conditions which significantly improved their health status and reduced their cost of using a methodical and holistic approach.
There is NO need to pre-register!

Click here to learn more and access the webinar.


– The gpTRAC team

The Futures of Telehealth: What you need to know now

For June’s National Telehealth Resource Center Webinar last week Dr. Stuart Speedie of gpTRAC presented on the topic of Telehealth Futures.

According to Dr. Speedie, the guiding principle that will shape the future of telehealth is that healthcare and the healthcare delivery system are largely concerned with the exchange of information.  So how can telehealth services improve information exchange?  Dr. Speedie sees five distinct possibilities:

1. Through Specialty Care Delivery– including elaborate videoconferencing based telehealth.

2. By investing in mHealth– including healthcare mobile apps, devices, and solutions.

3. By exploring options for In Place Care– including home monitoring, nursing home settings, and schools.

4. Through Care in the Work Place.

5. By focusing on Consumer Wellness– including physical, mental, social, and spiritual health promotion.

The futures of telehealth depend largely on staying relevant as new modes of information exchange are developed and the focus of healthcare delivery continues to shift and evolve.  At the core of each of these futures however is the uniting fact that a career in telehealth will always be a career in information exchange and healthcare delivery.  To access Dr. Speedie’s full presentation and other previous webinars, visit the gpTRAC webinar archive, or you can download Dr. Speedie’s presentation directly here.

June Telehealth Webinar: June 20, 2013

June 2013 Webinar

The National Network of Telehealth Resource Centers PRESENTS:

The Futures of Telehealth: What you should know now

Please join us on Thursday, June 20th, to hear from one of the pioneers in Telehealth, Dr. Stuart M. Speedie, PhD,  Professor, Fellow, Co-Director, Institute for Health Informatics, University of Minnesota and Executive Director of gpTRAC, as he discusses different paths, the possible futures, and what they mean for telehealth, for those who use smart phones, tablets, videoconferencing and new devices of all types to support the delivery of health care.

There is NO need to pre-register!
Click here to learn more and access the webinar.
– The gpTRAC team

Telehealth News Flash

The telehealth news articles we have been talking about around our office this week:

New York Times Well:  My Stroke of Luck
How one man learned about telestroke technology through a stroke of his own.  His response to reimbursement resistance:  “Well, there was no living, breathing stroke specialist at my bedside to bill in those first vital hours. Give me a virtual doctor any day.”

Washington Post:  Telemedicine makes new advances, all the way to Antarctica
Videoconferencing enables a partnership between the University of Texas Medical Branch and National Science Foundation workers living at a scientific research station in Antarctica.

Healthcare IT News:  Why not MU for telemedicine?
Noteworthy reflection on Ryan Spaulding’s presentation at this year’s American Telemedicine Association meeting.  The topic:  Meaningful use of telemedicine and how Telehealth Resource Centers can help create a national strategic plan.

Regional Telehealth Forum: Early Bird Deadline April 1!

April 1 marks the end of the early-bird registration rate.  Don’t miss out!  Go to the forum registration page on our website for details and forms.  We also offer a special student rate for those actively enrolled as full-time college students. 

We have put together a very exciting schedule!  Come learn from our keynote speakers Carl Taylor (Fraser Institute for Health Research) and Rob Sprang (Kentucky TeleCare) and other telehealth experts from around the region and nation. 

Hotel Registration:  The block of rooms are also available through April 1.  Rooms are $99 and are on a first come basis.   

Post-Forum Event:  Immediately following the conclusion of the Regional Forum, Polycom is hosting a Grant Writing Workshop.  This is a separate event.  There is no cost to attend, HOWEVER, registration is required as space is limited.  Please contact if you are interested in participating.

Telehealth Technology: Where to Start

When it comes to outfitting your organization with the proper technology for practicing telemedicine, the options can seem endless. However, gpTRAC and our affiliates can help. Here are a few pieces of advice to get the process started:

1. To determine what equipment you will need to buy, start by understanding what your initial program services will be, as well as your planned service growth. A survey among your stakeholders, or an organizational needs assessment, will help you identify what functionality you need, which will make your equipment requirements clear.

2. Are you familiar with TTAC? If you are involved in telehealth, you should be. TTAC (which stands for The National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center) is a HRSA funded organization that focuses on areas of technology assessment and telehealth policy. They are one of two National Telehealth Resource Centers, and work closely with each of the 12 Regional Telehealth Resource Centers (including gpTRAC!). TTAC’s goal is to create better-informed consumers of telehealth technology by offering a variety of tools and technology assessments. Their website ( is a great place for information on which technologies are appropriate for your telehealth program.

3. Still not sure what technology to choose? Contact us! The gpTRAC staff is here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the process.

Telehealth Resource Center Upcoming Webinar

The National Telehealth Webinar Series presents: If I Knew Then What I Know Now… Building A Telehealth Network From The Ground Up – October 18, 2012

Image of The National Telehealth Webinar Series
October 18, 2012
10:00 AM HST, 12:00 PM AKDT, 1:00 PM PDT, 2:00 PM MDT, 3:00 PM CDT, 4:00 PM EDT

Presented by:

Brian Coltharpe, MA – Director of Innovation, Health Resources of Arkansas

“We built our network without any grant money or any outside advice; not because we were arrogant and self-sufficient, but because we weren’t aware of the multitude of resources available to help us do it cheaper and easier. If I knew then what I know now. . .”

Telemedicine is a rapidly expanding service field: an invaluable resource for those in remote areas and cost effective from all points of view.  But, the process for setting up a network and making it all work together can be a challenge.  In this educational webinar, Brian Coltharpe, Director of Innovation for Health Resources of Arkansas will be sharing valuable lessons based on what he’s discovered over the last 8 years.

Simultaneous streaming with the Quarterly Thought Conference from SCTRC at

Registration for this event is FREE, at:  Click HERE

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The National Telehealth Webinar Series provides timely information to support and guide the development of your telehealth program by experienced telehealth professionals from the HRSA-designated Telehealth Resource Centers.  These webinars are FREE to the public on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Webinar by National Telehealth Resource Centers, Today, Th. 5/17

The National Telehealth Webinar Series
Presented by the National Network of Telehealth Resource Centers
Thursday, May 17, 2012
1:00 PM Central (CDT)
(8:00 AM HST, 10:00 AM AKDST, 11:00 AM PDT, 12:00 PM MDT, 2:00 PM EDT)
Southeast Minnesota Beacon–Community Collaboration for
Healthcare Transformation

Lacey Hart, MBA, PMP – Program Manager for the SE MN Beacon Community, will address the challenges, benefits and results of multiple organizations pursuing shared healthcare objectives

John Goodman, MBA – Telemedicine Deep-Dive Project Lead, will discuss the telemedicine approach using integrated commercial technologies with lower cost and greater flexibility implemented in the SE MN Beacon Community. One of 17 areas nationwide selected for Beacon Community Program funding by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services out of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the Southeast Minnesota Beacon Community ( – a collaboration among Mayo Clinic, Mayo Clinic Health System, Olmsted Medical Center, Winona Health, Allina Hospital Owatonna, and 11 county public health departments in the region – sought to fund health care entities looking for ways to use technology to improve the efficiency and delivery of health care while cutting costs.

To join this webinar:

You can test your connection at:
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The TRC Webinar Series provides timely information and demonstrations to support and guide the development of your telehealth program by experienced telehealth professionals from the HRSA-designated Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs).

These webinars are FREE to the public on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

For more information on the Regional Telehealth Resource Centers click here.