The Futures of Telehealth: What you need to know now

For June’s National Telehealth Resource Center Webinar last week Dr. Stuart Speedie of gpTRAC presented on the topic of Telehealth Futures.

According to Dr. Speedie, the guiding principle that will shape the future of telehealth is that healthcare and the healthcare delivery system are largely concerned with the exchange of information.  So how can telehealth services improve information exchange?  Dr. Speedie sees five distinct possibilities:

1. Through Specialty Care Delivery– including elaborate videoconferencing based telehealth.

2. By investing in mHealth– including healthcare mobile apps, devices, and solutions.

3. By exploring options for In Place Care– including home monitoring, nursing home settings, and schools.

4. Through Care in the Work Place.

5. By focusing on Consumer Wellness– including physical, mental, social, and spiritual health promotion.

The futures of telehealth depend largely on staying relevant as new modes of information exchange are developed and the focus of healthcare delivery continues to shift and evolve.  At the core of each of these futures however is the uniting fact that a career in telehealth will always be a career in information exchange and healthcare delivery.  To access Dr. Speedie’s full presentation and other previous webinars, visit the gpTRAC webinar archive, or you can download Dr. Speedie’s presentation directly here.

TRC Webinar 11/14: Telehealth Marketing

The National Telehealth Webinar Series Presented by the National Network of Telehealth Resource Centers PRESENTS:

Telehealth Marketing – the Path to Patients, Profits and PR
Thursday, November 15, 2012
9:00 AM HST, 10:00 AM AKST, 11:00 AM PST, 12:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM EST

About this program:
• How poor marketing limits telehealth adoption and growth.
• Common telehealth marketing mistakes AND what you can do about them.
• The best way to bring telehealth into a conversation.
• How to create messages that get people’s attention.
• How to get the maximum results from your marketing efforts.

 Presented by:
Nirav Desai – Founder and CEO, Hands On Telehealth

As the CEO of Hands On Telehealth, Nirav Desai hosts a web-based interview show where leaders in the telehealth industry share their expertise and success strategies. He authored a free eBook “The 10 Secrets of Telehealth Success” at ( and publishes a weekly digital newsletter focused on practical issues in telehealth. Nirav also consults with providers, payors, and telehealth companies to grow their telehealth businesses quickly and profitably.

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