Telehealth is Changing the Face of Healthcare

“In the old days- oh, about 10 years ago- few doctors used the Internet for anything but email and research. “App” was a word used mainly by technology buffs, as in “killer app.” And cellphones were useful but far from smart. Now digital technology- on phones and tablets, in electronic record keeping, and in a host of clinical innovations- is transforming medicine in virtually every way…” -New York Times, Science Times, 10/9/2012

On Tuesday, the New York Times published a special addition of their Science Times section entitled “The Digital Doctor,” highlighting the many ways doctors and patients are utilizing technology to improve the quality of healthcare.  Several of the articles are about telemedicine specifically.  For example, one article (“With Telemedicine as Bridge, No Hospital Is an Island”) describes how Nantucket’s main Hospital is utilizing teledermatology to save money ($29000/year) and see more dermatology patients (1100/year).

Telehealth is a game-changer in healthcare.  And in our opinion, the more publicity it gets, the better.  Telemedicine offers a smart solution for improving healthcare and wellness, while lowering the cost of care delivery. For both providers and patients, the list of benefits is impressive.  For more information on the benefits of telemedicine, visit the gpTRAC Delivery and Results of Care section here.

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